We would like to introduce the Curb-Tec Inc. CT-3000, a small extrusion type curb machine that will revolutionize the curbing industry. The CT-3000 has features no other small machine can compare with.

This machine can pour a flawless 16" radius, (See Figure 3a below.) as well as fill a trench and form the curb at the same time! (See Figure 3 below.) The push of a button allows the CT-3000 to travel on its own power, by virtue of the rear wheel power system. Another great option about the CT-3000 is the hydraulic jack system that allows you to raise or lower it through rough places. All of these functions are controlled from the operator's panel located on the steering handle.

CT- 3000 Features:
  • Extra large hopper (1/3 cubic yard) with removable door for wheel barrel access
  • Hydraulics make the Curb-Tec-3000 a snap to use with just the push of a button
  • Elevation wheels, "Set & Forget"
  • Powerful 25 horse power, Kohler gasoline, air-cooled engine
  • 5 gallon fuel tank
  • Asphalt friendly, wide, solid tires and "No Bind" steering
  • Rear drive wheels - Forward and Reverse
  • Reversing Auger - Quickly Frees Jams
  • Lift off hopper provides easy access to the auger and makes cleaning easy
  • Vibrated hopper operator adjustable vibration
  • Molds change in a snap. See our mold select sheet - or advise Curb-Tec of your curb specs. "Over rebar" molds and "thru-auger" options
  • Vibrated hopper operator adjustable vibration
  • Extrudes curb up to 13" high and 13" wide

Operator Controls on Steering Handle:

  • Front Jack - Up - Lock - Down
  • Rear Jack - Up - Lock - Down
  • Drive Wheel - Forward - Neutral - Reverse
  • Vibrator - On-Off
  • Auger - On-Off
  • Master - On-Off